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  • English Speaking Course in London for our children. 27th august 2013

Our Organization will not allow itslef to fall behind with its fight for a better future for our families. Last July, through our program, four of our children were able to travel to London for an English speaking course. The duration of the course was 5 days and we would like to thank Kellie Cromby for her assistance and help to organize it. It has taken a great effort to organize it by all Ekollegium´s members. It´s a dream come true for our children (it was even the very first time some of them flew to a foreign country without their parents!).
In our country, where many hardly earn enough money to buy books for school, speaking a foreign language in a foreing country is a privilege only a few have. We are proud that in six months we have been able to achieve what previous administrations have failed to do over so many years with children who live in low-income families. We are the first non profit organization in south Madrid to achieve this kind of course with the minimum cost for our families. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for all the care and attention and the professionalism of the people in charge of organising and monitoring this course and all our activities. I would be delighted if it would be possible to hold this event again next year; this would only be possible with your support.


  • E-kollegium England. 12th august 2013.

Thanks to the work carried out by our organizatión´s Director, we are pleased to inform that we have a team member in England, Kellie, who has supported our last visit to London and provided some very important information for us. As you can see from some weeks ago, our site is being translated into English with her help, in order to make our project accessible to the world. We hope to broaden the horizons of the future for our new little members. Thanks for your help.

Team Of Orange People Constructing The Word Com, Symbolizing A Website Under Construction Clipart Illustration Graphic

  • Corporate Image. 4th august 2013.
Good news! We are pleased to inform you that we have bought our dot com domain ( Now that this is in place, access to the site will be easier. We bought the rights to the image of the “captain” we use in our site and visit cards and this will Contribute to enhancing the corporate image of our organization. The captain is our symbol of taking control of every problematic situation in our lives. This is because we want to be the educational reference organization in Madrid.


  • Summer and Children at home. 28th July 2013

The social environment in which our children are growing plays a key part in shaping them to become better people and better students. As the old proverb says: “lie with dogs and you wake up with flees.”
Once again, our country is one of the worse european countries when it comes to education results. Parents must know who their child’s friends/school partners etc are. Parents must establish an ideal studying climate, social education and good manners. Our children can´t be completely relaxed in summer time or throughout the holidays. Although we understand it is a difficult job for parents to get them to study or review their school books, it is essential that children review the contents of the past course.
Children must have a daily routine at home in summer time. Consequently, upon returning to school, they will find it easier becoming accustomed to their routine. Students can´t be playing out on the street/park until late, as one can currently see is happening. We agree that children’s timetables in the summer don’t have to be as strict as when they are in school, however, that does not mean that children should sleep in all day or stay up as late as adults for example. There still needs to be boundaries and rules in place because after all, they are children not adults.. Routines will help parents to keep order at home (instead of waiting for the course to start up again.) Homework makes our work with children easier in that way. It´s so difficult to work with children with no routines, because we have double work: our own work and the work which should be done by the parents.
It´s so frustrating to see how we try to help some young students with their studies and problems, while their parents are not conscious of the need to control their child’s relaxed attitude. Remember that your children are not your friends! This project intends not just to raise awareness, but also to make parents conscious of the need to educate their children correctly. We can help you in that way.

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